On Gratitude

The final Stand Up For Love Practice is to remind myself to stay grateful. Gratitude is a central part of my life.

The central power of my gratitude practice is this: Gratitude it is something I can do. And I can do it anytime and anywhere. In this way, regardless of what I am facing, I can make the choice to take up gratitude. Happiness is something that may or may not happen. Most of what might make me happy is out of my control. Joy, similarly, is something that may or may not be present in my life. Gratitude is an action, like acceptance and forgiveness. It is not a feeling or a belief. Unlike acceptance or forgiveness, there is always something for me to be grateful for. To bring this whole week of Stand Up For Love Practices full circle, the first thing I am grateful for is my breath. Because of this, all that needs to happen for me to be grateful is that I breath. The rest flows from there.