On Fear

We live in a time where fear of strangers is on the rise. This kind of fear has never been useful, and there are many examples of its destructive power. But when violence seems to be erupting all around us, it can be difficult to know what to do. This is the sort of circumstance when I like to ask my favorite question. What to do in order to achieve what? By adding, “In order to achieve what,” I clarify my intentions.


My answer is that I would like to reduce the fear and violence. I always say that the answer to my favorite question has to be something that is in my control. So what can I actually do? I have a limited sphere of control. I can control my actions, and I can control my choices. But what action can I take to address the violence I see evolving in our world?

I believe that the most important thing I can do is to treat the people around me with kindness. I believe that by reaching out to people in my life with care and respect, I am enacting what would otherwise just be a wish. I am turning my desire for a more just world into action; Local, achievable action.

I am also declining the invitation to think that there is nothing I can do to address what is becoming a global issue. Join me, because if you also reach out to the people around you, and the people you reach out to do the same, we will, one person at a time, change a landscape of fear and isolation onto one of community and common purpose. By local simple action, we will change the world.