Cloud Time

This morning the thought occurred to me, “How much time will I allow myself to heal?” Then I looked up at the clouds. Between me and the upper stratosphere where there are no clouds, there are many layers of wind currents. While I was watching, the upper clouds were quite still while the lower clouds were moving very quickly.

I was reminded of how clouds move. They travel with the wind, not resisting, not anticipating, and without commentary. They follow the flow created by the warming and cooling of Earth. They are not impatient to reach a destination or longing for their departure point. They are simply where they are, as they are. All this reminded me that I will heal in the time it takes for me to heal. What I allow or don't allow is irrelevant. My choice is to be present to the process as it happens, or lose track of it, risking doing something that will re-injure me creating a new trajectory of healing.

There are things I can do today that I could not do yesterday without pain. For this, I am grateful. That is where I am today.