The first thing I heard when I went through the Eastern door of the cabin this morning, was Crow. A single caw came from the Southeast. Then, from the Northeast, I heard a series of caws. This kind of call, the caw-caw-caw, always reminds me of laughter, because it seems to be infectious amongst my Crow cousins.

As I sat and listened to them caw-caw-cawing back and forth, I got thinking about the importance of laughter. A good laugh can pull me out of whatever bad mood I happen to be in. I remember when my dad died, how important it was for me and my brothers to sit around and laugh. We laughed about the past, we even laughed about the present; about the fact the my dad was dead, and that the funeral was taking place in the sanctuary where we had played hide and seek as kids, avoiding getting caught by the Janitor, Mr. Peterson.

Our laughter was irreverent, but not disrespectful, and I'm sure my father would have approved. We weren't laughing at anyone but ourselves and the overwhelming situation we were facing. There could be no doubt that learning to live without my father was a serious thing, but learning to use laughter to get through was essential.

I don't believe Crow is ever laughing at anything. I think Crow laughs from the joy of being alive. Whether that is true of not, I appreciate Crow bring laughter into my morning, and reminding me to pay attention to the joy in my own life.

Today, I will remember Crow's lesson and look for opportunities to laugh, and enjoy the healing it brings into my day.