Acceptance II

When I was bucking up wood yesterday, my chainsaw stalled out and I couldn't get it started again. I figured it was a clogged air filter. Cleaning the filter is something I can do, but it is a twenty-four hour process. That meant that the saw was going to be down for the day, and I was going to have to change my plans.

This got me thinking about another form of acceptance. In this situation, it is the acceptance that my plans don't actually mean anything. Nor is attachment to my plans consistent with my intention of acceptance.

Plans are like a door. They are the thing I go through to see what's on there other side. The trick is in not getting attached to the door. When I'm attached to the door, I'm missing all of the possibilities that exist just beyond.

Today, I will be paying attention to my plans so they don't get in the way of my life.