On the other side of Pinegrove, I heard some big machines. It reminded me of the day the electric company came in and cleared around the power lines. Their clearing created an opening in the woods that disconnected Pinegrove from the woods further on. I was really upset that day to see such changes in the forest. But today, wondering if they were coming back to clear it out again, I get thinking about how I tend to get settled into a place and think, now that I'm here, everything should stay the same.

Thing is, some changes need to happen in order for me to stay living where I live. Clearing out around the electric lines benefits me. It's part of what keeps the lights on at the cabin. Mindful, thoughtful change is essential if I am to continue to do what I do. Mindless thoughtless change is damaging, and doesn't help anyone.

Today, I will be mindful of my actions. I will be considering their effects and their consequences for others and myself.