Toe Lesson I

As I was walking the path to my sitting spot this morning, I was confronted by my barefoot tracks frozen in last weeks snow. Seeing my tracks brought me to a place of regret. Because of the frostbite on my toe, I will have to wear shoes for the rest of the winter. I will have to find another way to stay centered and present. 

Then it occurred to me that the reason I have frostbite is because being barefoot didn't keep me present and centered in the first place. It came to me that my frostbitten toe, which is now numb but healing, is the answer. It is a reminder of what happened, but also a reminder of where I am now. The discomfort it brings me mirrors the tactile experience of being barefoot. It is also a reminder to reflect on exactly what I am attending to now, what I might be missing, and what the consequence of that can be.

I am excited about the direction my toe will take me. I look forward to finding out what I notice now.