Snow and Mouse

This kind of snow is perfect for Mouse. The crust on the first Snow covered by the light fluffy stuff we got two days ago means she can tunnel from place to place more easily. While she is under the snow it is harder for Coyote and Owl to find her. 

But she has to run on top of the Snow sometimes. When she does, the Snow does not serve her anymore. When she is on top of the Snow, Coyote and Owl have the advantage. Mouse's dark brown fur against the bright white snow makes her very easy to see, and her tracks connect and expose her tunnels. 

This gets me thinking about the balance of Love. For Mouse, Owl, and Coyote, Snow is a help and a problem at the same time. No one gets all of the advantage, nor does anyone get all of the struggle. Love gives each opportunities and risks. What Mouse and Owl and Coyote choose to do with what they are given is up to them.

Today, I will be on the lookout for the opportunities that Love gives me, and paying attention to the choices I have that, like Snow for Mouse, are perfect for me.