Tree Rattle

I heard the Trees rattle this morning. I've never heard that before. The wind had picked up again, causing the branches to knock against each other.  Of course, that happens whenever the wind blows, but the long deep freeze we are having is unusual. 

The completely frozen branches sounded like dried coral in a wind chime. I suppose this kind of thing happens further North all the time, but for me it is something new. My culture invites me to worry about whether the trees can survive this cold, but I remember that the trees have old wisdom. They have been living on this planet through all sorts of weather for a long time. How they get through this will be a manifestation of that wisdom.

Then it occurs to me that Humans have been living on this planet for a long time, too. We have survived through all different types of weather as well. We learned how to get through. I wonder where in me this ancient wisdom is lurking.

Today, I will be paying attention to ways in which my ancient wisdom might be showing itself and effecting what I do in response to this remarkable cold as I listen to the Trees rattle.