Barefooting II

I had to do some cutting of trees yesterday, so I had to put my boots on. The first thing I noticed as I walked out of the cabin and off the front porch, was how little I was paying attention to where my feet were. Having walked off the porch many times without shoes, I am aware of how aware I have to be. I need to notice if there is anything there on the ground that I might not want to step in or on. In my boots, I just trudged along, eyes up, focused on where I was going, not where I was.

This brings me back to the reason I choose not to wear shoes in the first place. It is because of the connection it creates between me and the moment I am in. I have to be paying attention to where I am to keep my feet safe. Barefooting is a concrete practice that creates tangible reminders of what happens when I get distracted. It has given me many gifts.

Today, I am grateful for the gifts in find in the moments I am in.