Noticing Birds

I was sitting in the kitchen, when I noticed a small bird outside on the back deck railing. The bird was about 15 yards from me, so my 50 something eyes could only make out a brown shape. The impulse to get up and get the binoculars was met with the realization that by the time I got my visual aids and got back to my spot, the bird would probably be gone. In stead, I sat and watched. It bobbed its head as if it was following something with its eyes. Then another similarly colored and sized bird swooped around it, and the two were gone.

I was reminded of the importance of not always getting caught up in the details. Because I couldn't see clearly, I became more aware of the bird's movements. I got to connect to a different, less specific kind of seeing. I'll keep my head up and my eyes open and see what happens next.