Hawk Calls

The abundant Hawk calls sing out like a round with Chipmunk's alarm calls. I wonder if Chipmunk is yelling at Hawk because of an interrupted day, or if Chipmunk is telling other Chipmunks to stay sharp. And is Hawk calling out as a warning to Chipmunk, or calling out to friends?

Then I let go of my human centered idea that something said has to be said to someone. That's when Crow shows up with all her relatives. Many Crow calls fill the sky, as the birds dive and climb. They circle the cabin then fly off to the North.

Calls get my attention, even if they aren't talking to me. Hawk, Chipmunk, and Crow get me to notice what I might otherwise miss. The wind is stronger this morning than it has been for a while. Hawk calls start again, and the Wren sings out.

Today, I will be remembering to notice.