Hawk could easily out fly the rain storms that come in slowly and stall here on the coast of Maine. Hawk could fly East and stay in the sunshine, hoping the storm will dissipate before she needs to turn back toward land. But Hawk stays, perched in a tree, and the storm to passes.

Hawk gets me thinking about how I could run from my struggles, and avoid the pain and suffering, hoping the storm will dissipate. Hawk reminds me that if I stay where I am and face what is happening, the storm and the pain and the suffering will pass. If I run hoping to outrun the storm, I will probably have to turn around and face it anyway, and I will also have to deal with the fatigue of trying to avoid d it in the first place.

Today, I will be noticing when I contemplate avoiding struggle in stead of taking it as it comes, where I am right here right now.