There is a major die off of Ants that happens around this time of year. We see piles of dead Ants in specific places, and live Ants carrying bodies back to their colony. This mourning I found Ant standing motionless. I wondered it Ant was dead. I touched Ant with a finger. Ant reared up as if to begin a battle. I pulled my finger back and Ant relaxed, but did not move away. I watched for a while, but Ant did not move again. It struck me that if Ant was dying, she still chose to respond to my prodding her with strength.

Members of many Native American cultures have a Death Song. For me a Death Song is a way to approach my passing with courage and strength. Like Ant's rearing up at me, a Death Song is about begin fully alive until I am not, and engaging with every moment with all the energy I have until I have no more. Singing my heart out embodies this notion for me in daily life.

Today, I will be doing my best to sing my heart out in everything I do.