Wait For It

The Rain started so softly that at first I thought it was a gentle wind. I stopped and watched, but could not see the leaves moving. I stepped off the porch and felt the tiny drops falling on my face. The Sun shone brightly, but there was a dark patch of clouds just to the East. I reasoned that the Rain must be coming form there. The Peepers had been peeping, but as the Rain fell their peeps turned into a sound I hadn't heard before. They were cooing. After a brief shower, the rain stopped and the frogs fell silent.

This got me thinking about the gift of these fleeting experiences. The Rain only lasted several minutes, and the cooing even less time. I had to be there to experience Rain, and I had to take the time to experience how Frog responded.

Today, I will be thinking about slowing down to notice what is in front of me, and taking the time to see what happens next.