Squirrel Lesson III

Squirrel buries Acorns. I have seen her do this many times. I have also seen spots in the snow where she has tunneled down to collect them again. Yesterday I saw Squirrel burring Acorn in the woods, but it wasn't until this morning that a thought struck me. There will be many Acorns at the base of Oak tree where she drops them. Even in the Spring after Mouse and Vole have been eating from this larder all Winter there will still be many Acorns left. So why would Squirrel bury Acorn if she could simply go back to the base of Oak tree and dig some up. It occurred to me that some of the Acorns Squirrel buries grow into Oak trees. These Oak trees provide the Acorns of the future. Squirrel in her burring is connected to a far larger arc than the one I was thinking of. This arc goes far past this Winter or the coming Spring. The Acorns from an Oak tree planted this fall will not be picked for ten or twenty years. Does Squirrel know this?

Today, I will be considering my actions in the context of Squirrel and Oak tree's arc. I wonder what effect that will have.