Rain Lesson

By the time I got outside this morning the rain was mostly over. It still fell from the edges of the cabin roof, and collected in small pools on the deck. It occurred to me that the ripples in the tiny puddles were the same as the ripples in the greatest oceans.

For me, Rain is one of the most tangible reminders of the interconnectedness of everything. The drop of Water that lands in my hand came from some far distant place where it evaporated up into the Sky after having landed there. And it landed there after traveling from somewhere else. The cycle of up and down, Sky to Earth has been repeated over and over again. In this way Water is always everywhere, in a process of constant transformation connecting place, person, and thing through its fluid motion.

Today, I will be remembering the power and preciousness of Water as it travels through me and past me on its continuous journey of connection.