Human Song

This morning the air was such that I could hear the highway to the West, and the Ocean to the East. Suddenly, I head a person call out. They did not seem distressed. Perhaps they were calling out to a dog, but it occurred to me how infrequently I hear Humans calling out. I hear their signs; car noise, doors slamming, chain saws buzzing, but not their voices. Loud as we are as a culture, we are rarely loudest with our voices, and even rarer our singing voices. I often hear birds singing long before I see them. I have seen thousands more Humans than I have heard people singing. 

Yet we can sing. Some say that we, as a species, sang before we spoke. Why did we stop? When will we start again? If we sang before we spoke, it must have been for some purpose. Have we lost that purpose? If so, is it waiting for us? While we are talking and talking trying to find our purpose, is it a song waiting to be sung?