Toe Lesson V

To say that my toe healed isn't really accurate. What was my toe, that froze that cold December night, is gone. It has slowly been replaced by a new toe that is pink and full of feeling. Now I start the process of getting it used to being without coverings. 

I look at my foot and am grateful that I have five toes. I am also grateful for all that my toes can do, and all my foot can do. Then I notice all my ankle and leg can do, and so on as I start to take in all that is possible with a body that is still pretty capable.

I also realize how easy it is for me to forget to notice all my body is doing as I move through my day. Why is it so easy for me to forget to notice and be grateful? I wonder how slowly I would have to move through my day in order to notice and be grateful for all I have?