This morning, while I was sitting, Crows circled in the sky and Squirrel ran across the grass, climbing up onto the wood pile. I thought about how familiar her feet must of felt on trees. I'm not sure why, or even if it's true, but it seems that most of the creature cousins I see these days are Squirrels and Crows. This got me thinking about how important these two families are to me.

Then I started to wonder why. Then I remembered. They remind me about the freedom that is possible in my life when I am not distracted by the kind of thinking that links me to things I can't control. When I see Crow fighting with Hawk, or Squirrel making a ten foot leap from tree to tree, I think about what it would take for me to do those kinds of things.

I would have to be present. To be present, I have to be thinking about what I am doing, not what I might do or what might happen. I have to be engage in the life I am leading, not the one I might have lead, or may have someday.

Thank you my creature cousins for reminding me about the importance of being present in my life. Today, I will be doing my best to live this lesson.