Tree Time

Due West of the cabin's front porch, there are two Maple Trees. One of them has dropped most of its leaves. The other is still shedding. Seeing his, I realize that, until today, I didn't notice the leaves falling from either Tree.

As I sit and watch the leaves fall one by one, I am aware that I could have taken the time to witness both Trees transform to their current state from their state of bright green leafy-ness, but I did not. This gets me thinking about how the illusion of rapid change is usually a result of me not paying sufficient attention to the gradual transitions of life. I did not wake up one day at the age of fifty four. A significant number of Winters and Springs and Summers and Autumns have transpired to get me where I am today. Noticing the moments of each enriches my experience of my past, and slows time.

No matter how bare the Tree is, each leaf was released one at a time. I have the opportunity to notice and appreciate each transition that happens in my life, from this moment to the next, like leaves falling from a tree. Otherwise I might wake up one day and wonder where it all went.

Today, I am grateful to be able to sit outside for a while watching the leaves fall, and notice the richness of my life.