Leaf Lesson

A single leaf falls from Maple Tree, and lands in the Ferns just Northeast of the cabin. This leaf will nourish the Ferns as it decomposes, returning to the Earth everything that came to it through the Tree. Where it lands is a product of when it is released, the strength and direction of the Wind, the power of gravity, and a number of other factors, most of which are outside the control of Maple Tree.

This gets me thinking about how much I would like to control the effects of my actions, even though I can't. I would love to guide them toward the outcomes I think would be best, but this is outside of my control.

Like the leaf, the effects of my actions drift out from the moment of choice to have the effects they will have. The best I can do it pay attention to these effects, and allow what I learn to inform subsequent choices.

Today, I will be honoring this leaf lesson and diverting my energy away from attempts to control, and toward my efforts to learn from my experiences and make different choices.