Cloudy Sky

This cloudy morning brings with it shades of muted browns and gray. The grass that has survived the first frosts shows bright green, a result of the lingering blue light waves. I notice that Lichen on Maple tree is a different shade of gray. Different from the bark of the tree or the clouds in the sky.

This all gets me thinking about the invitations I receive from my culture to think of certain thing as beautiful, while excluding others. Cold and raw is bad where bright and sunny is better. 

It occurs to me that the difference in light creates difference in what I see, and that there is beauty in all of  it, if I chose to decline the invitations that can inform my preferences. Different levels of light illuminate different things. More light does not illuminate more, it illuminates differently.

Today I am declining the invitation to think about today's cloudy sky as something other than what is, and paying attention to what I can see in dimness, that I could not in brighter light.