Stands and Mistakes

Because of a number of mistakes, the fixings for tonight's dinner got left out last night. They included chicken, so the whole thing needs to go into the trash. The waste is troublesome, but this goes along with an awareness that there are far bigger problems in the world today. Even still, the series of mistakes and the consequences are something to get by. 

The act of actually putting the food in the trash was a beginning, but there is still a process of letting it go that will unfold over the course of the day. Regret will cycle around with acceptance, and I trust that slowly over the course of time, I'll settle into the new menu, and allow our previous plans to go out with the trash.

I am grateful that my mistakes amount only to a minor mishap. I am fortunate enough to be able to waste food without it having any significant impact on my life. The cycle of regret and acceptance, however, is fueled by my awareness of people who's lives include far less bounty. In this way, my difficulty getting past this mistake is emblematic of something important. It would be easy for me to get past the wasted food if I didn't carry this concern and awareness, so I accept the struggle as a small testament to something for which I stand.

Today, I will be paying attention to the way my purposes and intentions can combine with mistakes and create regret. I'll do my best to accept both, as I continue along my path.