Brick Path

When I gather Mint in the morning, I go out of the cabin through the Southern door. I walk South/Southeast to the Mint patch. I begin on  brick path that “T”s East-West, at which point I leave the path and follow stepping stones through a garden. I get on the brick path again briefly before a stone path leads me to the Mint patch.

My Dad used to say, “Put the path where the people walk.” If I were to stay on the brick path after it “T”'s and follow it East I would curve around slowly, eventually turning South, then Southwest until I came to a fork. The fork is the beginning of a cul-de-sac. The stone path to the Mint patch spurs off of this circle. 

The brick path is not where I walk, but it gets me thinking about how, sometimes, a circuitous path that leads me nowhere can be useful. At these times the journey is about the path and not the destination.   The brick path is a beautiful path in a beautiful garden. It's curves prolong my experience. It's circle brings me back where I began, without me having to turn around. It is a path to ponder on, not to get somewhere.

Today, I am grateful for the lesson from the circuitous brick path. Today, I will think more about where I am, instead of where I am going.