Crow Lesson

As I sat and breathed this morning in the near gale force winds, I saw a group of Crows flying in the Northern sky. They were diving and soaring and cawing out to each other. They circled around to the West, then turned East, dove and rose and vanished from sight. Where they playing or sparing with each other? I don't know what they were doing, but I know what they can do. Crow can fly with skill and grace in extreme winds. I know this because I saw it.

It is not my intention to ascribe my experience onto my creature cousins. I don't now if they were playing or having fun, but I know they can fly in ways I find extraordinary. Without knowing what it is like to be Crow, I know what is like to be me, and watch Crow. In this way, what I get from Crow, or anyone else I observe along my path, can inspire or challenge or remind me in ways that are useful to me, regardless of whether what I see reflects anything that might be real about their experience.

I am grateful for the lessons I receive from my observations of the world around me, and grateful to Crow. The lesson I take from what I saw is to have more fun. I can only hope that Crow and her cousins were having fun, too.