Crow Lessons

I woke this morning to the sound of Crow. Looking out the window, I could see about one hundred gathering in the Pine grove, just Northeast of the cabin. I was glad to see them. Having so many Hawks around this summer seemed to keep my Crow friends away.

Hearing their energetic caws and watching them swoop and dance in the Sky together got me thinking about the lessons I learn from Crow. Knowing that Crow hangs out in family groups I see this as a reunion of sorts, and they remind me about the importance of the family I surround myself with. Whether by blood or choice, the people I choose to put in my circle are the rock upon which I rest when things get tough. I have seen Crow and her brothers and sisters risk their lives to push Hawk away from their territory. Seeing such bravery reminds me that leaning on other is not a sign of weakness, but a testament to the power of our interdependence.

Me leaning on you reminds you that you can lean on me. The structure of our interlocking threads of love makes gives us a strength we can not manifest on our own. Crow reminds me that life does not have to be a solo flight to be honorable.

Today, I will remember Crow's lesson to fly with others and welcome them flying with me.