Free Apples

My favorite Apples grow on a tree that lives on the edge of a mall parking lot in the middle of a city. They have a crisp buttery sweetness that I can't find anywhere else. On a good harvest year, I will pick three or four bags full. The ones I don't eat fresh I pop in the freezer. In use a Tomato knife to slice up the frozen Apples, and I put them on hot cereal. Combined with a good Strawberry crop, they will usually last me until the next harvest season.

Here in Maine Apple trees are everywhere. I find them in fields, by the roadside, and even in the middle of the forest. Some of the varieties date back to the days when Apples were introduced to this land from other parts of the world, and when conditions are right, the trees fruit out generously making their abundance available for anyone who happens by.

Today, I will be paying attention to the abundance that exists all around me, and using the example of Apple tree's generosity to guide my actions.